Tuesday, August 5, 2014

North meets South

There are certain things I know to be true. We as humans all have a need for food, water, shelter, and companionship. It doesn't matter where you live or who you are these are the commonalities among us. I can speak from experience that when you move from the northeast to the deep south that is where the similarities end. We speak the same language, or so you would think, but the words and expressions are totally unfamiliar to this ex - Yankee. Don't get me wrong there are many lovely difference but they are just so many I need a handy pocket translator. So here goes with just a few :

car accident   = wreck
shopping cart = buggy
you're a jerk = bless your heart
that was nice of you = bless your heart    (Confused? So am I. It means both tricky huh?)
soda = coke( and then the next question is what kind of coke, 7 up, orange etc)
redneck = coonass
does your dog bite? = Is he sweet?
being snotty or nasty = being ugly.
being nice = sweet
a lovely, kind woman = sha
a barbeque  = boil (food is boiled can be shrimp, crawfish, crab)
hi = hey
grocery shopping = making groceries.
mopping = passing a mop
a nice female of any age = little girl
a scantily dressed or undesirable girl = little girl (context of the sentenced " I told that little girl march yourself right outta here and show your daddy what you wearin")
a little girl = child

As confused as I have been I can only imagine what a person who moved up north would think of us and our ways but then again who would move up north and leave this warm weather behind.


  1. Dawn I love it! I always wanted to live down south...I felt I belonged there WAY more than the crazy northeast! Keep the blogs comin' I'm fascinated by the differences! :)

  2. As a person kinda down south I understand the deep south lingo but don't speak it that well. Soon your friends from north of the Mason Dixon line will be making fun of you..