Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Facebook Friends I love

     This is the time of year when we all count our blessings. I can honestly say that I am thankful for this list of friends all year long. I absolutely love my facebook friends that:

   1.  Post pictures of themselves with their eyes closed tightly but their mouths wide open in a huge smile/laugh. You are in that moment experiencing such joy and are sharing that with me. I smile for you when I see this. I will usually comment because to me this is a perfect picture.

    2. Tell a story about something their kid says or does that is not flattering. The stories are usually funny and they are so real. It's so refreshing to know that other people have kids that do things that you wouldn't write about in your holiday newsletter. I  too experienced many candid moments and never did write a holiday newsletter.

    3.  Are cop friends.  Some of you I may only know through a mutual group we are a part of . I love WSW. Sometimes I know who you are talking about and other times I know the type of guy you are talking about since I knew someone like that too. Sometimes it's a crazy patrol stories and I love the jargon that we use when these types of stories are told. The stories are funny, sad, heroic, and heartwarming. I am so proud to have worked in the same profession as you all. I'm humbled by your experiences.

    4.   Have a passion.  It could be cooking, fishing, bee keeping, dogs, woodworking, the Jets, crocheting, bowling, or reading. You post endlessly about what you're passionate about and take oodles of pictures. Sometimes I laugh and sometimes I learn from you. It brings me joy to see what you are passionate about.

     5.  Tolerate my lengthy posts or endless dog pictures. I am extremely grateful to the ones who still take the time out to write a kind comment. I guess I might have a passion or two also.

    6.  Take me on their vacations through their pictures. I love to see you getting out and exploring the world. Through you I can taste the food, feel the sunshine, and be in awe of some historic sight or beautiful sunset.

    7.  Put embarrassing photos of yourself from when you were younger. I may have had the same bad outfit and can laugh about it. Perhaps my hair was bigger than yours. Maybe you even had hair then and not now.  If we knew each other when we were younger please know that is how I will always remember you. Not the funny outfit but forever young.

  If you see yourself in any of these categories, then by now you must realize, you are a facebook friend I love.  We might know each other very well or maybe haven't seen each other in years.  It could also be that we are acquainted only through our mutual groups. Whatever the circumstance I am so grateful for you. Thank you for being the one who makes me laugh, cry, and often learn.  I hope for all of you that you have these kinds of people in your life also. Happy Thanksgiving!